• Online Data Entry Jobs

    Do You've A Typing Speed of 25 WPM? If yes, start utilizing your free time, by doing online/offline data entry jobs. You can take projects as part/full time. You can easily earn around $2500+ USD P.M.

  • Offline Data Entry Jobs

    Do You've A Typing Speed of 25 WPM? If yes, start utilizing your free time, by doing online/offline data entry jobs. You can take projects as part/full time. You can easily earn around $2500+ USD P.M.

  • MaxMoney Investment

    Earn 360% to 1080% Retunrs on your investment in just 6 months. We give daily 2-3% Interest on your investment. Quick Withdraw Facility. Invest any amount.

  • Form Filling Job

    Get Paid for every form you fill for different companies. We offer wide range of form filling job works which includes business services, real estate, job consultancy, B2B Companies. They are ready to pay $1-2 USD for each form.

  • Copy Paste Job

    The Easiest Job we have. Earning is as simple as copy paste. If you know how to copy text and paste it, don't miss this job. Most Popular Job we've.

  • Blogging Jobs

    Get Paid between $5 USD to $10 USD, for each blog you create for different companies. No technical knowledge is required. It's as simple as you work on Ms-word. We Provide full support to get started.

  • Tweet N Earn

    Just Tweet N Earn. Millions of companies are recruiting people who can tweet about their products and services on twitter. We provide all contents and material for tweet. Internet's First legitimate twitter job.

  • 10 Minute Job

    This job hardly takes 10 minutes to complete. You've to just post testimonials for different companies about their products and services. We provide all testimonial matters. Best Job which converts your 10 minutes into $10 USD.

  • Ad Posting Jobs

    Internets highest paid ad posting job with 3 way income opportunity. Get Paid around $2 USD for each Ad Posting + For Every Click & Every sale generated. Instant Earing Summary.

  • Instant Adsense Cash

    Start Earning in 15 Minutes. Get Your own money making adsense website with power keywords that drives massive traffic to your site and generates around $25+ USD for each click. Monthly Estimated Earning from our website is $2500+ USD.

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Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs

100% Legitimate, Genuine &Scam Free Online Data Entry Jobs. Work at Home in your spare time. No work load, No Time Limit. Massive Income Every Month. Do Online Assignments, each of 4-5 lines. Get Paid $1 USD to $2 USD Per Assignment. Maximum Earning Per Month is $12000 USD.

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Offline Data Entry Jobs

Offline Data Entry Jobs

One of the Best offline data entry job we have. No internet Required. Download the Files on Your PC, &submit the Job work in 15-30 Days Time Limit. Page Size will be A4. Amount Per Page will range from $1 USD to $2 USD as per the Plan. Just Give 85% Accuracy. Easiest Way To Earn.

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Ad Posting Job

Ad Posting Job

A complete different Ad Posting Job, of what you know on Web. In this Ad Posting Job, You'll be paid for every Ad you post, Every Click your Ad gets, &Every Ad that brings sales to us. So 3 Types of Earnings. For each Ad Posting you will be paid $1.5 USD to $2.5 USD. Maximum Earning $12500 USD P.M. You'll get all the Ad matters, List of classified websites &you can see real-time income statistics.
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Form Filling Job

Form Filling Job

If you want to spend Just an hour in a day to make some income, this is the right Job. All you've to do here filling of online forms. No lengthy forms No work load, No account termination. You'll also get form filling software, using the same you can fill each form in less than a second. For Each Form Filling Get Paid $1 USD to $2.25 USD. Maximum Earning $11250 USD P.M.
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Ten Minute Job

Ten Minute Job

10 Minute Job Work, is one of the latest on demand Job work released by Online-Home-Jobs.com. Because of huge requests from people worldwide to have job work which can be really done in 10 Minutes. Our 10 Minute Job Work is for those you really want to make extra income in their spare time. Today anyone can easily spend 10 Minutes a day to do the task. This 10 Minute Job Work will easily pay all your monthly bills.
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Copy Paste Job

Copy Paste Job

Most Exciting Job with High Earnings. Just do copy paste of contents on our server &Make Massive Money. No accuracy, No work Load, High Payouts. For Every Copy-Paste Job you'll get $1 USD to $2 USD. Do A Minimum of only 350 Copy-Paste in a month &Earn Min. $350 USD P.M. &Max. Earning is $4000 USD P.M.

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MaxMoney Investment

MaxMoney Investment

World's Highest Returns on Investment - MaxMoney. Get Paid upto 1080% (Daily 3% Interest) returns annually on your investment amount (Refundable). Fixed Deposit at bank will only pay at the most 9% returns annually. Change Your Way of Living Now with MaxMoney Investment.

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Instant Adsense Cash

Instant Adsense Cash

Get Professional Google Adsense Website. Guaranteed Earning of $100 per day. Monthly Earning is $5000+. Our Experts create unique Adsense site with professional design &contents that attract traffic & Clicks from Visitors. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Tweet N Earn

Twitter Jobs

Earning from twitter is as simple as you say 'Tweet'. Help companies in promotion of their services over twitter. For every tweet of 140 characters they are ready to pay you $1USD to $2USD. Grab this opportunity &earn massive income every month.

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